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Revolutionary Fat-Loss System Helps Frisco Men & Women FINALLY Lose Than Extra Weight

Kickboxers are in incredible shape. They have toned abs… slender muscles… and great definition. The question is – how do you get that great body without competing in fights? Our program took the same exercises that pro kickboxers use to get lean & toned – and made them available to ANYONE looking to burn fat… That’s why in every class, you’ll do amazing conditioning… And have a TON of fun punching & kicking the fat right off your body!
Kickboxing is the Hottest Workout!

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Often referred to as the “Sweet Science” and one of America’s oldest pastimes, it’s also one of the best ways to stay lean and fit. Boxing techniques are primarily the Jab, Cross, Hook and the Uppercut. The Boxing aspect of our classes utilizes all these punches along with conditioning methods used by actual fighters. Your arms will get lean and toned quick!

Muay Thai Kickboxing

The national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai is as exciting to practice as it is to watch. Muay Thai fighters don’t just use punches and kicks, but also knees and elbows to strike against pads and heavy bags. This style of training will bring your current level of fitness to an entirely new level. Thai Boxers are amongst the most ‘toned’ of all athletes and the techniques are effective for self-defense as well!

muay thai kickboxing

Kickboxing began as a combination of Boxing techniques and the Kicking moves that are used in several martial arts, such as Karate, Kung-Fu and Tae Kwon Do. Kickboxing techniques require timing and help build your balance and coordination, as all four limbs are being used. These moves develop your ‘core’ conditioning and provide a real ‘full body’ workout.

San Da / San Shou Kickboxing

This method of Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling and Judo was adopted by the Chinese Military over 80 years ago. They recognized that it was one of the best ways to get their soldiers in the best shape possible…as quick as possible. Our San Da / San Shou training will tone and strengthen your legs, back and abs more than almost any other form of exercise.

San Da San Shou Kickboxing
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If you live in the following areas: Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Prosper Little Elm, Celina, The Colony, Allen … you are close enough to come train with us!

This is the last Kickboxing workout you will ever need! Kickboxing is great for Fitness, Self Defense, Cardio Fitness and Muscle Toning. No other workout burns more fat, more calories or builds and tones muscle as well. It’s truly the best fat burning exercise.

Most of our members will tell you that this class is way more fun than the gym, fitness bootcamps, personal training, health clubs, trainers and is hands down the best way to lose weight, and get in great shape. Sign up today, you’ll be so glad you did!

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