Frequently Asked Questions

What type of classes do you offer? (Group or private?)

Both! Most members opt for group classes, but feel free to ask any of our instructors for more info on private sessions.

How many other people will there be in my class?

You can most likely expect 15-30, give or take a few depending on the day / time. We always make sure there are enough instructors no matter the class size though.

Willl there be other beginners in my class?

Yep! Our members come in all experience levels, shapes, ages & sizes. If you’re a beginner, you’ll fit right in.

Can you help me with nutrition too?

Absolutely. Whether it’s in the mini nutrition seminars we give during classes from time to time… or private consultations… we’ve got you covered.

Is this anything like "cardio kickboxing"?

No! This is a completely different experience that’s very alive, interactive, and full of professional boxing equipment.


Will my classes help me get toned?

Yes! We’ve designed our program to help you get lean & toned – no bones about it.

What's a good number of classes per week to attend?

We suggest 2-3 times per week. However, coming just once a week will still get you results, and coming more will get you results even quicker!


Would I get similar results doing cardio on my own?


We find that cardio on its own is fairly ineffective. First, it’s hard to stick to (gets boring pretty quickly!). Second, your body often adapts and results start to dwindle. That’s why we’ve blended cardio with resistance training to always keep your body guessing.

Do I have to be in shape before I start?

Nope! In our kickboxing classes you go at your own pace. That means if you need to start slow to let your body get used to it – this is perfectly fine!

How long are the kickboxing classes?

Kickboxing classes are about 60 minutes long.

Where is your Kickboxing School located?

Our kickboxing facility is located at iLoveKickboxing – Frisco, TX · 8845 Gary Burns Drive Suite 150, Frisco, 75034 · (469) 320-1274


How can I get started?

You can get started right now by calling us directly at (469) 320-1274 or by signing up for our awesome web special at (available for a limited time only).