You don’t have to be a fighter to train like one. Or to look like one.

It’s no secret that professional fighters look amazing: Toned abs.
Muscular legs. Defined arms. And tons of energy. But the truth is,
not everyone can handle the rigorous training they go through to
look and feel the way that they do.

That is, until now.

We’ve taken only the funnest, most effective elements of pro fighter
training, and made them accessible to the average man and woman
who wants to lose weight and tone up.

The result: the funnest, most fat-melting
workout of your life. Guaranteed.

1. Burn fat and lose weight…
… All over you body: belly, legs, arms, stomach, and everywhere else.

2. Look and feel great…
… Improved energy, better mood, reduced stress, and more.

3. Improve your health…
… Countless studies have shown that exercise is part of a healthy,
balanced lifestyle. You’ll get the exercise you need every time
you come.

To help you accomplish these goals, we’ve
compiled exercises and kickboxing techniques
from all over the globe…

      • Muay Thai Kickboxing

    It’s often called the most intense, adrenaline-pumping form of kickboxing on the planet. You’ll get a

    taste of its techniques in every class
      • San Da / San Shou Kickboxing

    It’s the martial art used by the Chinese military to teach their soldiers self-defense, and get them in

    amazing shape fast.
    • Western Boxing

You’ll have fun learning jabs, crosses, hooks and other punches that work your entire upper body.

      • Kickboxing

    Long ago, far eastern martial artists clashed with western boxers. The two exchanged techniques,

    and kickboxing was born. It’s fast. It’s fun. And it burns calories from head to toe.